Coming Soon: Rodney Max on Mediation in Public Policy

In Spring 2017 the Cumberland Law Review will publish Rodney Max’s article, Mediation in Public Policy. Mr. Max’s article focuses on utilizing mediation in public policy decision-making. The article recognizes and honors the constitutional organization and implementation of checks and balances of the multiple branches of government. At the same time it recognizes and respects the new pace and complexities by which 21st Century events evolve, public actions and reactions transpire, and effective and efficient community or public sector direction requires facilitation. Mr. Max explains mediation in public policy is suggested not as a substitute, but as a complement to the existing structure of governing.

Mr. Max is a graduate of the Cumberland School of Law, and is a Principal at Upchurch, Watson, White & Max. Mr. Max has led more than 4,000 mediations arising from more than 10,000 cases, and has been selected and/or court appointed as a third party neutral or mediator in a number of significant state and federal mass and class actions involving personal injury, wrongful death and property damage claims. He is a noted speaker on mediation and alternative dispute resolution topics, delivering his message to organizations throughout the country, including national and state bar associations and sections ~ on both sides of the trial aisle, as well as neutral groups, and has been published on numerous occasions.

Needless to say, the Review is thrilled to host Mr. Max’s piece in Volume 47! Look for Mediation in Public Policy in Volume 47 of the Cumberland Law Review in late spring 2017!

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