Secession Reversed: Eleventh Circuit Strikes Down Sua Sponte Court Order for the Gardendale School Board’s Secession

Alex Sidwell*

            An Eleventh Circuit reversal in a decades old school desegregation case has resulted in the city of Gardendale, Alabama being prevented from forming its own school system due to a finding that racial motives were involved in an attempt to separate from the Jefferson County school system. . . .


*Alex received his Bachelors Degree in Music Performance from Auburn University in 2013. Before attending Cumberland School of Law, Alex received his Masters Degree in Music Performance from Appalachian State University in 2015. In addition to being a member of Cumberland Law Review, Alex has had the honor of interning with the Honorable Madeline H. Haikala, the Honorable John E. Ott, and the Honorable John H. England III, and is also a Judge Abraham Caruthers Fellow.

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