Volume 47

Volume 47 Issue No. 1:

  • J. Mark Baggett, “Tumbling Out of the Beautiful Dream”: Go Set a Watchman and Harper Lee’s Legacy, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 1 (2017).
  • Alfred L. Brophy, Watchman‘s New Constitutional Vision, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 19 (2017).
  • Judy M. Cornett, Four Reasons Why Readers Hate Go Set a Watchman (and One Reason Why I Don’t), 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 25 (2017).
  • Matthew Crow, A Wrinkle In Maycomb County: Law, Equity, and Conscience in Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 37 (2017).
  • Derek Fincham, Is Go Set a Watchman Authentic?, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 45 (2017).
  • Sally Greene, Atticus, Uprising, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 53 (2017).
  • Ariela J. Gross, Go Set a Watchman and the Limits of White Liberalism, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 57 (2017).
  • Steven H. Hobbs, The Tribes of Maycomb County: The Continuing Quest to Transcend Our Differences, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 61 (2017).
  • Mary Ellen Maatman, The Mockingbird‘s Brief, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 85 (2017).
  • Marc L. Roark, Place and Identity in Harper Lee and Robert Penn Warren, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 127 (2017).
  • Christian W. Borek, Regulation A+: Navigating Equity-Based Crowdfunding Under Title VI of the JOBS Act, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 143 (2017)
  • Kayla A. Currie, Clear Waters Ahead? The Clean Water Rule Attempts to Bring Clarity to the Scope of the Clean Water Act, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 191 (2017).
  • John C. Kendrick, Criminal Procedure—Retroactivity—Invalidation of ACCA’s Residual Clause Deemed New Substantive Rule with Retroactive Effect in Cases on Collateral Review, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 227 (2017).
  • Alexander G. Thrasher, Civil Rights—Employment Discrimination—Limitations Period for Constructive Discharge Under Title VII Commences on Resignation of Employee Rather than Last Discriminatory Act, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 239 (2017).


Volume 47 Issue No. 2:

  • The Honorable Herman N. (Rusty) Johnson, Jr., ‘Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens May Fall’: The Right to Judicial Independence, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 251 (2017).
  • Artem M. Joukov, Who’s the Expert? Frye and Daubert in Alabama, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 275 (2017).
  • Rodney A. Max, Mediation in Public Policy, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 293 (2017).
  • David G. Wirtes, Jr. & George M. Dent, III, Alabama Medical Records, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 305 (2017).
  • Jordan Jackson, Religious Exercise and Contraceptive Coverage: The Substantial Burden of Accommodations, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 365 (2017).
  • Zachary P. Mardis, United States v. Fadul: The Appropriate Standard for Protective Sweeps in Consent Entry Situations, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 401 (2017).
  • Annual Compendium of State-Centric Legal Developments, 47 Cumb. L. Rev. 445 (2017).

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