Volume 46 and the Voting Rights Act

This month marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s signing the Voting Rights Act into law. The Selma to Montgomery Marches’ “Bloody Sunday” provided the President with the impetus to effectuate the legislation despite Southern legislators’ resistance, and the State of Alabama remains a prominent figure in the VRA’s modern applications and conversations.

The Cumberland Law Review’s therefore proud to feature a VRA articles symposium in our forthcoming Volume, devoting hundreds of pages to reflections on the VRA’s legacy, implications, and future. We’ve enlisted the help of the sharp and discerning likes of:

—Alfred L. Brophy: Judge John J. Parker Distinguished Professor of Law at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Law.

—Andrew Brasher: Alabama Solicitor General

—Jerome Gray: Civil Rights Activist; Former Field Director, Alabama Democratic Conference; & James U. Blacksher: Civil Rights Litigator.

—Jonathan C. Augustine: Fellow, United Theological Seminary; Adjunct Professor, Southern University Law Center; & John K. Pierre: Vice Chancellor and Professor, Southern University Law Center.

—Andrew Spencer: Staff Attorney at FairVote.

—And more!