Volume 49

Volume 49 Issue No.1:
  • The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Baby: The Ideological Roots of a New American Export- David M. Smolin
  • Physician Liability for Sex-Assignment Surgeries on Intersex Babies- Xan P. Ingram
  • The [Un]enforceability of Abortion and Selective Reduction Provisions in Surrogacy Agreements- Emma Cummings
  • Protect All Parties: Opposing the American Bar Association’s Position Statement on Regulation of International Surrogacy Arrangements- Alex Sidwell
  • Commercial Surrogacy and the Sale of Children under the Revised Uniform Parentage Act of 2017- Sydney H. Willmann
  • Alabama’s Wrongful Death Act and the Unborn Plaintiff- Craig A. Shirley
  • Constitutional Law- Retaliatory Arrests: Existence of Probable Cause Does Not Bar First Amendment Retaliation Claim Involving Official Municipal Policy, Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach, 138 S. Ct. `945 (2018)- Mallory Koger
  • Constitutional Law- Fourth Amendment: Fourth Amendment’s Automobile Exception Does Not Permit a Warrantless Police Officer to Search a Vehicle Located Inside a Home’s Cartilage, Collins v. Virginia, 138 S. Ct. 1663 (2018)- Brooke L. Messina
Volume 49 Issue No. 2:
  • Foreword- The Honorable Karon O. Bowdre and The Honorable R. David Proctor
  • When to Remonstrate- The Honorable William M. Acker
  • How to Litigate Successfully in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit- The Honorable Joel F. Dubina
  • Killer Apps for the Practice of Law: Past, Present, and Future- Janet Ainsworth
  • Separation of Powers as Grounds for Interlocutory Appeals- Eliot T. Tracz
  • State Constitutional Law- Weaver v. Myers and the Scope of Privacy Rights in Litigation and Death Under Florida Law- Allison Bendall
  • No Sanctuary: An Analysis of the Trump Administration’s War on Sanctuary Jurisdictions- Garrett L. Hartley
  • Article III Standing in Data-Breach Litigation: Does a Heightened Risk of Identity Theft Constitute an Injury-in-Fact?- Emily Schmidt
  • Eleventh Circuit Surveys- Cumberland Law Review Junior Editors

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