Volume 48

Volume 48 will be published in two installments. Volume 48 Issue No. 1 will provide the legal community with an up-to-date analysis of the legal implications of recent technological innovations. The subject matter of these articles will encompass artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and data privacy and security. Volume 48 Issue No. 1 will be published in January 2018.

Volume 48 Issue No. 1 will feature:

  • Katie Szilagyi, “A Bundle of Blockchains? Digitally Disrupting Property Law”
  • Hideyuki Matsumi, “Rights of Data Subject and Forecasting Information: Can One Have Privacy Rights over Predictive Information?”
  • Robert Sloan & Richard Warner, “The Ethics of the Algorithm: Autonomous Systems and the Wrapper of Human Control”
  • Mark MacCarthy, “Standards of Fairness for Disparate Impact Assessment of Big Data Algorithms”
  • Matt Hambrick Comment
  • Jake Moore Comment
  • Carmen Weite Comment

More details coming soon!

Volume 48 Issue No. 2 will honor the anniversaries of the Supreme Court decision in Buchanan v. Warley, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and the integration of Little Rock Central High School. The editors of the Law Review believe Issue No. 2 will provide both a tribute to how far society has come in the pursuit of civil liberties, as well as an analysis of current civil liberties issues before courts today. Volume 48 Issue No. 2 will be published in June 2018.

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